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"The 7LifeLanguages™ seminars and profile give you the tools you need to fulfill your dreams and goals both personally and professionally".

-Carolyn Santos,
President, Small World Communications

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Steven Schultz, M.D., Th.M., Diplomat  of  the  American  Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in both Adult and Child Psychiatry, CA—
“Attending  this  seminar  and participating in  the 7Life  Languages Profile will  allow you  to  identify  your own behavioral languages and discover both its’ strengths and vulnerabilities.  This insight may result in you, your employer, and your co-workers or employees understanding and communicating more precisely, efficiently, and professionally with fewer misunderstandings and hurt feelings.  Everyone should own and read Speaking of Love, by Fred and Anna Kendall and published by Thomas Nelson.”

Donna Jenkins, Asst. Director of Human Resources, City of Coppell, TX—
“The communications training of the 7LifeLanguages™ Seminar has, by far, been the best return on our training dollar in communication and team building training to date.”

Stephen Cummings, Business Systems Consultant, Toronto, Ontario, Canada—
“I am pleased to strongly recommend the Life Language seminars.  Having been in business over 20 years in both the financial and technology sectors of industry, I found this course to be the most helpful seminar I have taken.  It brought a new understanding of my team and myself.  It has improved our appreciation for each other and the languages that we each speak.”

Dell C. Marcum, General Manager, Health & Fitness Magazine, Houston, TX—
“We expected your profile to be very helpful in our hiring process and it is.  However, it is equally as useful in the day-to-day management, training and working with our staff.  Participating in the Life Languages Seminars for the past five years has been very gratifying for us and we expect to be incorporating them for a long time to come.”

Roger G. Coker, Director, TIGER & International Recruiting, Texas Instruments Inc., Dallas, TX—
“I found your communications information and techniques to be the most valuable I have ever experienced in over 20 years of professional career experience.  I believe I am a better communicator today because of the principles presented in the Life Languages Seminar.”

Gordon Banks, ex-Dallas Cowboy, 8 year NFL veteran, Stanford Graduate, Dallas, TX—
“Outstanding and insightful information.  I learned more about communication in one workshop than in my entire professional career.  I highly recommend it to every professional person.”

Keith Nelson, Board Certified Family Law Attorney, TX—
“The Life Languages Seminar will strengthen communication between people, couples, departments, clients and corporations.  I recommend everyone attend a seminar.  It is life-changing.”

Kris Chesky, PhD., University Professor, TX—
“The  Behavioral  Language concepts and the 7Life Languages Profile™ provide a serious, analytical approach to measuring and quantifying communication types, range and intensity.  It provides a means of understanding and communicating by individuals, departments, corporations, and families.”

Darlene Stout, BSN, CADAC, LCDC, Program Counselor, TX—
”The 7LifeLanguages™ Seminar gives insightful, how-to information on communication that is totally ‘user-friendly’.”

Herb Wheeler, Former naval Aviator, WV—
”I know that correct communication and understanding others can mean life or death!  The Seven Behavioral 7LifeLanguages™ Seminar can literally save your life, your career, your children and your marriage.”

Marjorie Slaten, School Counselor, NM—
” I have been using the Languages with troubled and at-risk students and their families.  It is amazing how understanding the languages has opened them up.  They are less judgmental, more accepting, and more supporting of one another.  Now they show appreciation of their differences rather than teasing and attacking one another.  It’s bringing understanding where there once was confusion.  The book, Speaking of Love, should be a standard referral and reference for professionals and all families.”