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The C.I.A.Program™ Seminars and Events

The KLLP™ and C.I.A.Program™ Seminars are fresh tools for today’s growing companies.  They empower the corporations of today in an approach that is most uncomplicated, yet profoundly impacting.  Standard profiling tools utilize a quadrant approach which, in effect, put people in a box.  On the contrary, the KLLP™ is a revolutionary approach to solving interpersonal issues that is multi-dimensional in scope and gives people the tools needed to become more successful personally and professionally.

The profile and seminars provide immediate and long-term effects by

Team building, proper job selection, greater harmony among co-workers and increased success in sales and business are some of the many benefits you will receive as you become self-aware and internalize an understanding of the 7LifeLanguages™.

The Seminar/Workshops may include:

Call today to set a date for your C.I.A Program™ Seminar.  We look forward to helping you and your organization become more effective and more successful.