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Kendall Life Language Profile™

The Kendall Life Languages Profile™ is the heart of the C.I.A. Program. It is a communication analysis tool that helps people understand their communication preferences and how to connect more effectively with others. All the other assessments on the market are personality tests, psychological tests, achievement tests, or aptitude tests. But the KLLP™ is unique in that it reveals your unique communication style and gives you the power to become "multi-lingual" and giving you the Communication Intelligence Advantage™ (C.I.A).

$45.00 - 20-23 page instant printable results


Personal Consultation

Have you taken the KLLP™ or attended a C.I.A Basic Seminar, but feel like you or your family would benefit from a personalized analysis of your unique combination of languages or interpersonal relationships? Then a Personal Consultation with Carolyn might be a good option for you. Carolyn will conatct you to set up a time at your convenience for a private consultation to go over your profile and to learn more about yourself and how you can use your knowledge of the languages to benefit you in all your relationships.


*The KLLP™ is not included in this price and must be taken prior to your personal analysis. Additional travel fees may apply for those outside of the greater Cleveland area. Check Carolyn's schedule to see if she is going to be in your area.

Audio Analysis

If you've taken the profile and have questions about how you can maximize your understanding and use the KLLP is see results in your life. Carolyn can provide a 30-minute audio analysis of you or your group's KLLP™ for you to review on your own schedule.

$60.00* - MP3 analysis emailed to you within 3 business days of receiving your KLLP™ results.

*The KLLP™ is not included in this price and must be taken prior to your audio analysis.